Notations of Time and Space

I use graphite on paper to show the alternating rhythm and evolution of various plant shadows in this body of drawings. With a concentrated, minimal drawing style, the lines of my work mirror diversity and humanity's temporality, illustrating changes in people as they move throughout this world. Multiple papers describe different spaces. Various graphite represent sun-ray intensity. Transparencies blur ones' visibility affecting the contrast between the subject and the location of the lines. The slow and fast drawing rhythms suggest humans manoeuvre in the world—pausing and shifting at their tempo, but like plants, affected by the sunlight and the environment. It is not to say that these shifts are positive or negative; it is non-binary. Rather progressively evolutionary, an adaptation to a specific place and space. The work considers how shadow rhythms and tempo can reflect a variety of humans as they advance in the world today.

-Yutavia George 
Bastille Design Center, Paris, France, 2021.

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